The Seven Blessings (שבע ברכות‎)

At the end of the wedding (as under the Chuppah) Sheva Brakhot (7 blessings) are chanted. These blessings are part of the Birkat HaMazon (Grace after Meals) said after the meal over a glass of wine.

The glass of wine is passed around through the guests to 7 people the couple want to honor and each one says one of the Brakhot (blessings).

For the next 7 days (including the wedding night), Sheva Brakhot continue, usually at the homes of friends, who throw these parties for the new couple. In order to spread the joy of the wedding around, someone who wasn’t at the weddings should be included in the guest list each night.

The Sheva Brakhot help ease the couple into their new life together. They are considered newlyweds for the next year.