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As the most esteemed Jewish & Interfaith wedding officiant in Boston, Rabbi Richard Winer embraces all soon-to-be brides and grooms with open arms. That’s because, for years, Rabbi Rick has worked to respect and honor the sanctity of marriage by hearing what lovely couples wish for their special day. And the same experience can undoubtedly be said for yours.

Nothing is as sacred than when two individuals decide to share their lives together. Whether from different backgrounds, cultures or religions, they share an unbreakable bond that should be cherished in the same way it was made: together. With that being said, Rabbi Rick always invites every bride and groom to discuss their thoughts, ideas and hopes with him, in order to get the best sense of what they want out of their beloved ceremony.

For more information on how you can personally speak with Rabbi Richard, please contact 508-877-9900 today. He can also be reached via email at Have a wonderful day.

To contact Rabbi Richard S. Winer:
phone 508-877-9900
toll free 877-747-5500

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